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Have you thought about what it would have been like if you had started learning the guitar when you were young?
Would you like to give your child that opportunity? 
Have you thought about how amazing it would be for your child to have this musical skill and knowledge that will last them a lifetime? 
And it is also a gift that they can then past down to their children too? 
Do you want to give your child the opportunity to be brilliant at something that they will love? 

Learning Guitar as a Child

We all wish we started learning an instrument at a younger age, even when we start from age 10, we always wish our parents got us playing the guitar sooner, because then we would be even more amazing than we am now! The most important thing we also need to think about is, how can you get your child to be enthusiastic about playing, I remember when I was younger and some teachers were a lot more fun than others, that I would be more enthusiastic about practising because I liked the teacher and the songs we were playing. When you enjoy the learning process,  it ensures that you carry on when others may give up, and also it accelerates your learning much quicker. That means even if a child starts when they are older, they can still learn quickly and become an amazing player. 

Getting a Guitar Teacher

A lot of parents are great at understanding the importance of having a guitar teacher, you wouldn't let you kids watching a week of olympic diving videos on youtube and then let them do a 10m dive at the end of the week, and why treat the guitar that way? The internet and videos for guitar teaching is a world of distraction and apps and video games just add to the overwhelm of content that a child is exposed to. It adds confusion, and gets them to pick up bad habits when playing, and can also be frustrating for them to the point that they may stop enjoying playing the guitar and it lowers their self confidence. While we all agree that videos, the internet is not the best way for a child to learn. Getting the right guitar teacher is often a difficult task too. 

The difference between the usual and the best parents are the ones who are able to get the child really engaged in their guitar learning by getting them the best teacher who understands how a child learns. A really great teacher is able to help your child enjoy the process of learning music and is able to engage them both throughout the lesson and get them excited enough to practise through the week. 

Our Experience and process of helping your child learn

We are fortunate that we have had been able to help many children find their enjoyment in music and keep their passion so they play for years. Having had years of experience both in teaching and managing music schools,  we understand the importance of creating a positive environment for children, allowing them to express themselves and gain confidence and musical skill at the same time. We have a specific process that we will go through with both yourself and your child to ensure that when they learn the guitar, they really enjoy the process and is having fun while doing it. And for you, you will clearly be able to see how fast your child is progressing as well and understand what they need to do at home in order to progress. 

We pride ourselves on taking comprehensive program and process we have to ensure that students get the most of learning. Their success is our success. Through having a get to know each other and a tailored plan, we can ensure that both your child and yourself are clear on your goals and targets and fast they can expect to progress. Playing the guitar and enjoying the lessons is also one of the most important aspects of learning. We also provide a lot of support to parents, especially if the family don't play an instrument, it is important to have an understanding of how the child should be practising, to get the most out of learning at home. And how to support their child as well. Learning an instrument is fun but it's not always easy, and knowing how to get past challenges and obstacles, will dramatically increase your child's self esteem and confidence. 

With Our School, Your Child Will Learn The Guitar Benefit from: 

  • learning a strong foundation for playing guitar so your child can confidently express themselves through music
  • gaining social confidence and make new friends
  • learn how to practise the guitar properly which will improve their focus and emotional control
  • get real time feedback so you can be sure that your child is learning the right teachnique
  • achieve all their guitar playing goals in fun and engaging lessons
  • have massive enthusiam by playing the songs they want to play
  • get experience playing in groups, even writing their own songs, which all contribute to improving problem solving skills and thinking on their feet
  • get a tailored plan for you and your child can follow
  • the ability to take constructive critism in a positive way that keeps them motivated to play
  • get inspired by being around other like minded children who are also enthusiasitc about playing
  • able to record their own tracks and songs!

You also have the opportunity to come see us for a free assessment lesson with your child so you can find out how we can help your child immediately with their guitar playing.

Common Questions from Parents and Family

Is the Guitar the right instrument for my child? 
The guitar is a great instrument for kids because they can immediate start playing some of their favourite songs. A lot of music they listen to have guitar in so it allows them to engage with the instrument easier. It is also very portable, and found in most people's homes. In comparison to other instruments, they are much more likely to carry on playing this into their adulthood. Even if they already play other instruments, guitar is such a great accompaniment. And great for singing with as well.  

How old does my child have to be to start? 
We normally recommend five years old, but that's also why we have a free assessment lesson, so we can look at each child on an individual basis as it can vary. 

What are the benefits of my child learning guitar? 
There are numerous benefits to learning guitar and music, if you would like to find out more read our page: Benefits of Your Child Taking Guitar Lessons. To name a few, learning the guitar improves their confidence, social interactions, even improve their intelligence.

How do I know this will work for my child? 
We have had a lot of experience working with both adults and children in teaching guitar, and with that comes experience. We know what works to get them to enjoy playing guitar and see progress. 

How do I know what you are teaching them is correct?
We are part of an international group of elite guitar teachers, where we share best practises with each other to ensure we are teaching the best methods and best techniques. Because there are so many wrong ways of playing the guitar, it's vital that the right techniques are taught the first time round. 

How much time will they have to practise? 
It depends on the age of the child, on average, it's around 20 minutes a day. When we have our assessment lesson together, and throughout your child's learning with us, we will communicate and support the family to ensure they know what is expected at home to ensure your child is doing their best.

I don't know how to play an instrument, does that matter? 
No that doesn't matter at all, we will give you and your family the best support to make sure you are confidently and comfortable when speaking to your child regarding their lessons. 

I actually want to learn guitar for me too! Do you teach adults?
Yes we do! You can learn along side your child as well. Come to our assessment lesson and we can discuss the needs for both of you. If it's only for yourself, then head over to Claim My Free Assessment Guitar Lesson in London to request an assessment lesson with us. 

What Are Our Students Saying About Us? 

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Free Gift From Us to You

For a limited time, we are giving away one of the videos from our interview series with our teacher Darryl Powis interviewing Gonçalo Crespo, a top guitar teacher from Switzerland.

We get to find out how he became a successful musician, how important it is to get the right teacher and the question of how talent effects learning the guitar. If you would like to receive this gift, then sign up to a free assessment lesson with us, whether it's for you or your child and you will get both the video and audio copy of this.

To find out more about this interview: Spotlight Interview Guitar Teacher Darryl Powis with Gonçalo Crespo

Give Your Child The Gift Of Music

As parents, we want to provide for our children and be able to give them all the opportunities in the world. Take this opportunity to get your free assessment lesson, where both your child and yourself will attend, we can find out how your child learns, we can get to know each other and you can discover the joy of giving such a wonderful gift for your child.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do we need to have a guitar to come in for an assessment lesson? 
We have a selection of guitars here including children's guitars that they can use if required in the assessment lesson. 

Do you teach acoustic and electric guitar? 
Yes we teach both and will able to guide your child in the right direction for their skill and interest. 

Can you teach them all the way to advance playing? 
Yes, we have many advance players where and can support your child at any level of playing.

Take the opportunity to let your child discover a lifetime of guitar enjoyment by giving them guitar lessons. Take the first step by contacting us by clicking the button below. This is your last chance before you leave this page. 

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