5 Reasons Why Learning The Guitar Is Right For Your Child

The guitar is perceived as a cool instrument and is coming up in popularity for children to learn. The guitar is now the second most popular instrument for kids to learn.

kid playing guitar

The reason why so many children want to learn to play the guitar is because its presence in the type of music they listen to. The guitar is played by many pop stars and because so many adults play it too. Many children have been exposed to family members that have inspired them to want to learn.

If you want to know whether the guitar is the right instrument for your child to learn, here are a few reasons why it might just be perfect for them.

Your child has been asking you for lessons

If your child has actively been asking you for lessons because they want to play the guitar, then that’s a great start! Maybe they have been inspired to play by a friend at school. Or they have a relative. Or they’ve seen someone on TV. Whatever the reason. If there is something that has sparked their interest. It’s much easier to encourage them to sit down to play and practise. If they really want guitar lessons, then it’s much better to let them play the guitar than another instrument.

Is your child old enough?

children guitar lessons

If your child is below the age of seven. The guitar may be a little too difficult for them. If they really want to play. Keep up the interest by playing them a baby guitar to play with at home. You can then see if they are definitely interested enough to carry on learning. Often when children get to around seven or eight, their attention span and dexterity improves a lot. Which means they can make a lot more progress in a short space of time. Some children can definitely start younger, but it may require a lot of attention from yourself to sit down with them to help them at home. When they are a little older, they can be more independent with their practising at home as well.

Even though they are starting guitar a little later in comparison to other instruments, they are still young enough that if they want to take it seriously. It’s plenty of time for them to get really good as long as they put in the hard work and effort.

Do you live in a small apartment or travel a lot?

The guitar is a nice instrument to learn because it’s relatively small. Depending on how old your child is, they may have a different size guitar. But even if your child is a teenager, and they are on an adult size guitar. You can get travel size if you travel a lot.

If you have a small apartment, you can easily fit a guitar in your house. Also, because it’s such a popular instrument. You will probably find a guitar in a lot of your friends and relatives houses that your child can pick up and play too.

Does your child enjoy the sort of music guitar can play?

The great thing about the guitar is that you can play so many genres of music with it. If your child enjoys pop, rock, any kids tunes, acoustic songs, then I’m sure they would love the guitar. Some children enjoy classical music as well. Which the guitar can be great for. 

Do they have time to learn?

time for children to play guitar

One thing to make sure if your child definitely has time to learn to play the guitar. If they have a hundred other hobbies already. Then it may be hard for them to keep up with practising, which can result in them getting frustrated with the instrument if they don’t make much progress.

Daily focused daily practice is essential to helping your child learn guitar quickly and easily. This can be difficult if they have lots of other commitments. So before committing them to another hobby. Make sure they have time to go to lessons and also practise at home as well.

I hope this article has helped you to consider a few reasons why guitar would be the right instrument and something that you should have your child learn. Every child is different, so it’s best to let them explore. If they have shown an interest. Find a guitar teacher would is able to help them have fun and enjoy their lessons. Helping them to learn their favourite songs and help build their confidence with the instrument.